Presentations are a visual medium, so try to be as visual as you can. You understand how your product or service works and what its advantages are, but your potential client may not. It’s actually very hard for the average person to imagine something they can’t see or touch, no matter how well it is described with words.

So the optimum message here is to show them as much as you can. Obviously a client presentation for design services will include mock-ups and examples, but this is a technique that everyone can employ. By showing and helping visualise as much of your working process as possible, you’ll build a true image in your client’s mind.

But be careful to make sure the visualisation you present takes a big leaf out of the book of your client research. Tailor your visuals to the person and role to whom you’re presenting to and use them to better alleviate their fears and concerns and enhance their knowledge of your offering.

Show how you and your company can integrate fully with the prospective client’s. Something as simple as using their branding interspersed and in a proposed situation can have massive impact. The beneficial potential arrangement that you are proposing might seem amazing in your head but remember that your prospective client can’t read minds.

Presentations that visualise their prospects with visual mock-ups are always more successful. Build upon what you learnt about them and their organisation and consider what they both need and want to see.